AVO Regional Edition West Edition

This is the first AVO cigar I’ve smoked. Now since it’s made in the Davidoff factory, I expect big things!

This torpedo looks like it’s had a bit of a hard life. The foot is cracked and it looks like the large vein near the cap is about to let go. No biggie, I’m not about to judge a book by its cover.

I’m about to light up and I can’t help but notice a large dark patch on the foot. This patch is incredibly hard to light which is not a good start.

Finally lit I found that this cigar is the embodiment of cedar, cedar on steroids! Alongside the cedar is minerals and musty barnyard ending with a sugar sweet finish.

Honestly this cigar is a bitch to smoke! It’s hard to keep alight and needed constant touch ups! It’s really a lot of work! Usually I would be quick to write-off a cigar with all these problems, but not today. These flavours are on point and it’s really enjoyable. If the burn was right, I would even say unbelievable!

70 minutes.

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