Smoking Jacket

Another cigar with a whole lot of hype around it that I want to believe!

I don’t read too much into hyped cigars but the hype worked this time, I’m really keen to see what all the fuss is about.

This cigar looks just great from the start. Nice pack with good resistance and feel. The wrapper is smooth with a simple but perfect cap.

Straight to it; lighting up was a breeze with abundant smoke output. The tasting notes were pretty accurate to what I found: grains, earth and white pepper, and a faint liquorice is also found on the finish.

This cigar burns perfectly straight lines of fine white ash. This ash first fell at 23 minutes which is a decent effort considering I wasn’t going out of my way to be delicate.

This cigar really is so enjoyable and hard to put down. Luckily I’m not having any problems with overheating, but the strength is on the move quickly towards full.

The second third is a bit of a bush fire. Burnt cedar with a hint of bitter espresso. Maybe I am overheating it a bit, time to slow down.

I found that the final third pushes the limit for full strength! Flavours come back around to bready grains and white pepper clouds of delicious smoke.

This is THE CIGAR. Believe the hype people; if I was an everyday smoker I would have stocked up on these big time. The flavour, construction, burn and smoke-output are all A+!

75 Minutes

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