Arturo Fuente 858 Anniversary 47 x 158

As I have mentioned many times before I really like a nice dark wrapper, the pack was even but there was a slight abrasive feel, like a mild sandpaper.


The smell from Fresh is nutty and slightly of hay.  Anything nutty is a plus!

From the first few draws I knew this was something I was going to enjoy, a nice woody/nutty taste from the start with a short bitter finish. From the second third the bitterness completely goes away.

This is the second cigar of this brand I have smoked and I have to say I am impressed. Flavour is on point! Nutty with light tobacco ending in hay. I can’t put it down!

Ok so the burn is perfect, flavour so smooth and creamy like a Panna cotta. WOW

If you haven’t already, give it a try.

70 mins

$40.50 AUD




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