wavy wafer

There’s a lot of Hype behind this cigar. It pretty much goes “Great flavours, shit construction”

The San Andres wrapper is dark and dripping! It is so dark and has so much sheen it looks wet. Thankfully, it is not.

The cold draw has very light resistance, now the paranoia sets in. Luckily the draw tightens up respectably and smoke output is plentiful.

The first thirds flavours were hard to define, but from the second third this cigar settles in nicely. Flavours of barnyard, cloves and frangipani florals are abundant. Floral flavours are quite common in cigars but frangipani is definitely a welcomed first for me.

And just like that this story ends. The before mentioned flavours continued right to the very end, which is a place many other smokers didn’t get to so I find myself lucky.

Overall, not bad.

60 Minutes

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