I usually feel ripped off smoking a small cigar, but sometimes they last longer than expected. Especially with a ring gauge of 60!

I used a punch and the cold draw is ultra light; even when lit the draw is still light but produces an amazing amount of smoke!

This Nicaraguan wrapper is very dark and reminds me of the Curivari Socrates. Said cigar is next on my list and I reckon they are the same cigar, prove me wrong…

The flavours this cigar produce are dark and rich: unsweetened cocoa, rich tobacco, leather and burnt caramel. Damn there is a lot going on here and it’s all good!

Unfortunately the bubble burst and everything started to go downhill. The cigar started to tunnel and there was nothing I could do to bring it back to its former glory.

Great potential but overall disappointing.

$45 AUD

55 Minutes

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