Hamlet Liberation Toro

I’ve never had such a hit from the cold draw, you could think the cigar was lit. Musty barnyard describes it best.


Firstly I have to address the scruffy foot, so contrasting to the perfect wrapper you can’t turn your eyes away. The wrapper is very smooth but still resembles a leaf with some Modest veins. The pack becomes gradually softer as you near the foot.

Draw is on the lighter side but smoke output is plentiful, very smooth and has slight hints of aged wood and sweet pepper heat for the finish.

Rocky Patel worked with the famous roller/blender Hamlet Paredes to create this cigar, so you would expect something special.

What I experienced is consistency. A great burn producing ample smoke output which was incredibly smooth. Maybe this cigar was a little too predictable for myself with the flavours also staying consistent to the theme of aged wood and musty earth, sounds a bit weird but strangely satisfying.

Strength stayed at medium until the last third which progressed to full. Flavour was medium bodied throughout.

105 Minutes.

$36 AUD

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