Rojas KSG Red

Today I had the pleasure of trying the Rojas KSG Red, also known as the King of the Small Gauge. As a fan of Lanceros, I was initially surprised to see that this cigar was slightly bigger in gauge than what I was used to, but I was eager to give it a try nonetheless.

Upon lighting up, I was greeted with the familiar flavours of a traditional Cuban cigar with the added presence of a Maduro wrapper. The first third of the cigar was a delightful combination of nutty and slightly sweet flavours with a buttery and powdery smoke that left me feeling satisfied.

As I moved into the second third, the flavours became a little darker with a hint of charred taste that blended well with the leather and cedar notes. The burn was consistent and perfect throughout, leaving me feeling confident in my enjoyment without needing any touch-ups.

In the final third of the Rojas KSG Red, the charred flavour remained, along with a slight herbal taste and a touch of white pepper. The overall construction was spot-on, and the flavours were pronounced without being overwhelming. The strength of the cigar was below medium, but the flavour was full.

In total, this cigar lasted me a pleasant 70 minutes, and I truly enjoyed the experience. As someone who appreciates a well-constructed cigar with a range of flavours, the Rojas KSG Red is one I would highly recommend to any cigar lover looking for a quality smoke.

This review is the result of inputting my tasting notes into ChatGPT. I have to say overall, that’s pretty cool!

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