La Aurora 1495 Brazil Connoisseur Selection

Beautiful dark Brazilian wrapper with a nice large band, sucker for a nice bands really adds to the prestige of the cigar.



Very firm pack with a few large veins running full length, the wrapper is quite toothy  which attributes to the rustic look.

I found it interesting that you can get this cigar with a variation of five different wrappers. This really does show what influence the wrapper itself has on the entire experience. Well if you tried all five that is…

I was concerned because the fresh draw was very light, but had a nice taste of hay.

Once lit I found there was quite a bite to the flavour, positive but hard to define. As the cigar continued there were times when it went quite sour. This came and went which I found a bit weird but kept it interesting. Ash fell on its own after 35 minutes.

When I reached half way I realised that the band, that I liked so much, was now in the way since it was so large. Really hard to remove the band without stripping the wrapper but got it done. Eventually…

Overall enjoyable

70 mins

$29.50 AUD







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