Casa Turrent Origins Series (Miami) Double Robusto 139 x 54

First impression, very soft pack. Cold draw of natural tobacco and wood with very light resistance.

thumbnail (1)

Now I think they missed the mark with this black and copper band, it’s trying to be classy but comes across as tacky so a fail for this one.

I had a choice of four different wrappers for this cigar, this version is the Miami with a Mexican Connecticut wrapper, next is the Cuba with Mexican Criollo, Nicaragua with a HVA wrapper and finally the San Andrés with a Negrito San Andrés wrapper.

I wouldn’t let the light draw put you off smoke output is incredible and exhibits an authentic taste of natural tobacco and peanuts.

Continuing on the second third settles into medium for flavour and strength, tastes of clove and white pepper are now most noticeable with a slightly wavy but acceptable burn.

The last third comes around full circle to flavours of tobacco wood and nuts, rustic yet smooth overall an interesting smoke.

90 Minutes

$42.50 AUD

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