El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme

Let’s travel again back to Cuba, where it all began.


Okay so I’ve never been to Cuba, but like many, my cigar journey did start there.

Nearly every Cuban cigar I have smoked has a similar look, I don’t know how else to describe it than a rustic/real look. Obviously in a class of their own.

Fresh scent is of sugary sweet cocoa; the pack is a little bumpy but very even with no soft spots until you get right to the foot.

Tangy floral flavours are present right from the start. 10 minutes in and the flavours remind me of cookies and sweet cedar. Floral tones also continue but with the tanginess moved to the finish.

Slowly this cigar starts to tighten and becomes quite sour. Assuming it’s starting to plug, I used a poker to loosen the draw and the flavours immediately became pleasant again.

I found the ash didn’t hold very long, so maybe not the longest fillers but the flavours are very enjoyable. Sweet but not quite a dessert cigar with the amount of tangy tart flavours that show from time to time. Definitely a satisfying cigar which I recommend.

70 Minutes

$32 AUD

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