Cohiba Medio Siglo

What better way to ring in the New Year than to try my first Cohiba!


Presentation is on point! Smooth wrapper minimal veins and perfect cap, I wouldn’t expect anything less from this iconic brand! I have found many cuban cigars have a softer pack and today this example is no exception.

Once opened with the punch the cold draw possessed great resistance, but flavours were muted and hard to define. Cigar lit easily and smoke output is huge right from the start. Wispy clouds dissipated quickly leaving a light taste of sour pepper for the finish.

Nothing jumps out at me with this cigar, it’s a culmination of classic tastes that really appeal to me. The flavours are familiar, cedar wood pepper and spice with a slight hint of sweet and sour for the finish. The flavours are more defined than others I have smoked but extremely balanced, no highs or lows just polished enjoyment.

Medium strength and flavour from start to finish, razor-sharp burn and quality that truly lived up to expectation. Exceptional!

57 Minutes

$37 AUD

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