Muestra De Saka Nacatamale

Another Saka special packed in its own personal coffin – now that’s pretty cool!

As soon as you open the coffin you’re transported into your backyard with the BBQ ablaze. This cigar smells of meaty, smoky cedar. Yum.

This cigar doesn’t even need the silk foot band – the smooth dark chocolate wrapper and pigtail are the stars of the show here. Such a great looking cigar!

Okay so the first thing I do is Google Nacatamale, and I find it means Mongrel in Hindi. Maybe I should look a little harder… “A nacatamale is a traditional dish that is found not just in Nicaragua, but Costa Rica and Honduras as well” – now this makes more sense.

Lighting up greets you with an abundance of smoke filled with white pepper, which continues uninterrupted for the first 30 minutes.

At this point I’m starting to get bored; thankfully the white pepper starts to ease just enough to show fresh earth and smoky wood. Nuts and cereal flavors are also present between the endless waves of white pepper. I find myself just waiting for the lull to see what flavours show.

Overall this cigar is pretty good, but honestly if the pepper was minimised it would be amazing!

80 Minutes

$40 AUD

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