The Vince by Black Bird Cigars

This cigar smells as good as it looks!

A box pressed Corona Gorda with a pig tail foot! Yes this cigar is really showing off. Let’s hope it lives up to the hype.

Now everyone has had a cigar with a sweet tip, but salty? This is definitely new for me! You can taste the salt on your lips with each draw. Salt aside, black coffee and leather are the next discernible flavours.

The second third finds a new flavour which is best described as toasty herb bread. Nicely salted of course, with coffee and leather still hanging around in the background.

As we come to the final third the flavours just keep on coming! We have peanuts and pretzels now which fit perfectly with the salted theme. Leather still remains a constant but the coffee flavours are fading away.

The Vince has a lot of hype behind it and it’s well deserved. The flavours are diverse but compliment perfectly. You wouldn’t change a thing! Highly recommended.

80 Minutes

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