This is where it all starts

This is the beginning of my documented interest in cigars. Following are my thoughts about how it all went. I’m an amateur at best when it comes to cigars so here we go!




Romeo Y Julieta No. 3

Such a nice looking cigar, It may have been a little dry and my poor quality cigar cutter may have stressed the veins a bit more than I would have liked.
I found this cigar a little hard to light at first,  which was a surprise because of the dry feel but easily overcome with a jet lighter.
First third was quite bitter, but this subsided quickly with a smooth rounded flavour that continued into the 2/3.
Too new to define each flavour but pleasant and mild, I believe a good introduction for a new cigar smoker.
Very uniformed burn from start to finish, ash held over an inch with ease.

The last 3rd was considerably  more flavorsome and changed from mild to medium at best but unfortunately ended like it began being a little sour.
This cigar only took me 25 minutes to smoke, and from what I have read I believe I was smoking a little too fast. I’ve heard overheating  can lead to bitterness and an inability to detect more subtle flavours.

Overall a good start to cigars in general 🙂

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