La Estancia Corona

New vs. old.

Now I find this to be a pretty cool idea.

“La Estancia utilises a Nicaraguan wrapper and binder with a 50-50 mix of aged Cuban and Nicaraguan filler. The taste profile is what dictates the Cuban vintage with some leaves as young as five or six years old while others date back to the 1960s.”

So just like I said from the start, new vs. old. Cuban tobacco is undoubtedly the OG in the cigar world, but Nicaraguan tobacco is a force to be reckoned with (and definitely my favourite)!

Lighting up and ten minutes in you can taste the Cuban influence. To me most Cubans have a similar taste – big statement but I know many agree.

At the 30 minute mark this cigar becomes more diverse with flavours of nuts and bread with white pepper strengthening for the finish.

I think this is an interesting experiment. The end result is mostly a traditional Cuban cigar with little flares throughout; pepper also continues to increase and becomes dominant for the last third.

This cigar was interesting to try but not something I would try again.

60 Minutes

$30 AUD

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