Nub Maduro 4 x 60

This is the last of my NUB mini haul and I have kept the darkest wrapper till last. Big fan of maduro wrappers and this is such a good-looking cigar.   Sweet chocolate scent from fresh, once lit I found the draw was a little light but produced nice plumes of smoke. There were some very […]

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Nub Cameroon 4 x 60

First impressions were that I have never had a cigar with such a light draw, it was seriously like an empty straw. I found because of this it was hard to light, smoke output was not bad though. Now this cigar didn’t mess around it was straight to the action with full flavour of pepper […]

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NUB Habano 4 x 60

From fresh the scent was barnyard with a hint of cedar. Firm with smooth texture. Once lit the draw was very tight not producing much smoke. A couple of draws later it became impossible, plugged up entirely so had to unplug with a skewer. Ok now this is what I am talking about! Once unplugged […]

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NUB Connecticut 4 x 60

Just picked up a 4 x sampler of NUB cigars. Love the size and appearance of these cigars this should be enjoyable. Nice silky smooth wrapper for the Connecticut,  perfect quality with next to no veins. Wood and buttered popcorn is the perfect description for the smell from fresh, very enticing. The light was flawless, […]

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