Sinistro Plata y Plomo

I broke my curse with the last Lancero I smoked; now hopefully it stays broken.

Scent from fresh is mainly of hay, with the cold draw tasting of cedar.

Once lit I found the smoke to be sweet and smooth, with flavours of hay, wood and spice. This cigar smokes very cool but produces a great amount of smoke.

The second third changes a little to flavours of bread, salt and pepper. I found a little leather also.

I’m happy to say that this is another Lancero where I’ve had no problems with burn or construction, which is just great! My track record has not been so good with this vitola.

The final third was really enjoyable with flavours of bread salt pepper and leather continuing to the end. But beware, the strength increased considerably and sat me on my arse! This nicotine bomb really went out with a bang!

All in all, a great cigar. Recommended.

75 Minutes

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