Punch Petit Coronations

Still on the Cuban run I found this a very interesting little cigar.

A little slow to light but after my first draw I was certain that I would enjoy!



A good resistance from the start, I don’t like too much air in the draw and produced a good amount of smoke and great flavor immediately. A stronger cigar than the last couple I had smoked which was welcomed.
Cigar burnt slowly, only ashed twice and fell on its own accord abruptly. Produced very little ash for the amount of smoke.
Flavor definition is not my strong suit as yet but the it only got better from start to finish. As I continued it become more complex not bitter or too strong even in the last third.
Experience lasted 25 minutes in total, a little fast but was hard to put down since It was enjoyable.

Recommended will definitely buy again!

Now I thought I would start to include what I had paid for each cigar I review. Take into account that I live in Australia and we have very high taxes on importing tobacco products. I only buy individual cigars also, so I can try a large variety in a small period of time.

$15 AUD

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