Blackbird Idalia 108

I love a box-pressed cigar, that is all.

I do like a box-pressed cigar, but not as much as this nice toothy wrapper.

When I first lit this cigar I thought it may have been infused – the first flavours are sugary, sweet.

Okay I get what’s going on now; the sweet hit is to put you off what’s coming next which is an intense chargrilled leather bomb! The wood, leather and charcoal flavours are so full on it’s nearly overbearing (nearly).

Creeping into the second third had the draw start to tighten a little; nothing to be concerned about but fortunately now the charred flavours become less abrasive and smoke becomes thick and creamy.

The final third pulls out all the stops and shows incredibly smooth smoke with earth, barnyard and floral tones. The flavours are now on point but a little too late for my liking.

Overall this cigar is nice and diverse with some interesting flavours, but by the time all these flavours came into form, the experience is over.

75 Minutes

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