Hoyo de Monterrey Coronations

I was excited about this cigar, It had been recommended from a good friend and I have read a lot of positive reviews. Starting my journey with some big Cuban names.



The Scent of the wrapper was intoxicating and cigar was surprisingly easy to light. I found that the draw was very light, a lot of air was passing through but still provided a decent amount of smoke.

Light to Mild flavour in my opinion, burn was a little uneven but not enough to be of concern.
There was consistent flavour throughout, not really any peak in strength even in the last third. I found that this cigar was too light for my liking, nothing really caught my attention.

I mentioned in my last review that I was most likely smoking too fast, to get the real benefit of the flavours. I hope this is the case next time I try this cigar.

35 minute smoke overall.



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