twin pines

The first thing that comes to mind when I look at this cigar is Rocky Patel. So many RP cigars are the same shape/size and softly boxed pressed. Just perfect.

Cutting the cap and lighting greets you with the unmistakable flavour of cedar; the smoke output is great right from the start also.

Even though this cigar’s name is a reference from Back to the Future there is a definite piney flavour going on here. A kind of freshness describes it best.

The second third has zesty flavours I can’t put my finger on. A little bitter not unlike espresso but also a hint of florals. There is a lot going on here, it’s hard to keep up.

I happened to drop this cigar just before the last third and a good chunk of the wrapper came off. No biggie though as the rest of this cigar smoked just fine and really smoothed out with the bitterness going away completely. Cedar and florals took over from here ending this very enjoyable smoke.

Flavour was medium at most while strength came closer to full by the end. The only thing I wished was different with this cigar is how long it lasted as I was left wanting more.

60 Minutes

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