Montecristo Open Regata

I haven’t had the best run with Montecristo cigars, so let’s hope this one’s different.

I like the look of this cigar’s light brown wrapper which has a fresh scent of ceder. I’ve never seen such a small torpedo at 5/38 x 36; previous torpedoes I’ve smoked have been quite large in comparison. 

After a few draws you’ll intrigued by tastes of buttery smooth mashed potato doused with black pepper. About 10 minutes later cedar and walnuts show; these flavours are mild but easily identified. All these flavours continue right through the second third.

The last third is a little different, with a bit of sweet and sour flavour complementing the buttery smooth smoke. Cedar and walnuts remain the constant throughout.

Medium strength and flavour overall, surprisingly enjoyable for being so mild – recommended!

55 Minutes

$32 AUD

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