Capo Habano

After a five month break from smoking cigars I am straight back at it with the Capo Habano! Paired with a long island iced tea because, well, why not?!

When I look at this cigar it reminds me of an old jazz club (not that I’ve been to one!). The hat and jacket surrounded by black, white and gold just gives me that classic feel.

This cigar is firm to the touch and the draw is good, but once lit produces less smoke than expected.

The first flavours found are of leather and salt, and a mild tobacco taste lingers on the finish.

Continuing on, the draw starts to tighten which reminds me that a perfect draw tool needs to be added to my next order. Luckily cutting the cap a little shorter helps considerably.

It’s been a while now between cigars, and I can only assume it will take my palate a while to adjust again. Regardless, the main flavours of leather and salt are enjoyable. I did also find a smidge of florals, burnt butter and white pepper.

All in all this was an enjoyable cigar – good to be back!

80 minutes

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