Catrina De Mi Vida Maduro

As soon as I picked up this cigar it was apparent that it was infused.  If you had to guess the item from scent alone 9/10 would  say a bouquet of flowers. The roll of this cigar was just as beautiful as the smell with a very smooth chocolate maduro wrapper, exquisite band and triple capped!


Cold draw was a bit tight with hints of herbal earth. Once lit there was great smoke output and the floral scent was just as strong in taste as smell.

The construction was on point with consistent draw and ample smoke from start to end, not to mention an absolutely perfect burn.

The flavour barely faltered from an earthy floral fusion. There were momentary flashes of white pepper herbs and cedar but the long floral finish refused to take a back seat.

A must try if a fan of infused cigars or just keen for something different.

75 Minutes

$14 AUD




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