Kings county

This is a beast of a cigar with an impressive shimmering halo band!

This cigar is a status symbol, if you’re a bit of a show off this cigar is for you.

The pack is solid but the draw resistance is spot on once lit. First flavours are of hay and liquorice.

This is a slow burning beast of a cigar with the first third lasting around 40 minutes. Liquorice fades to the background with hay the constant so far. There are slight vegetal tastes that show from time to time, and the ash holds strong falling at 50 minutes. Great construction!

The second third brings flavours of dark pipe tobacco with a slight metallic taste on the finish.

Dark, rich tobacco and hay saw me to the end, which wasn’t the end. I stopped this experience just past the 60 minute mark, but I could of reached 90 minutes easily.

Apart from spikes in flavour, this cigar was reasonably mild in flavour and strength. Overall interesting to say the least.

60 (90) Minutes

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