Macanudo 1968 Corona 42 x 147

First thing you’ll notice is just how bumpy this cigar is,  the veins are quite aggressive nearly to the point of bursting. There is a very interesting smell from fresh, Sulfur like you just lit a match. This scent entices me as much as it scares me.


Consensus states this brand is synonymous with mildness, but once lit there was an intense leathery spice and thick smoke that immediately coats your palate.

The Macanudo 1968 Corona is a full strength full flavour cigar, showcasing refined flavours of sweet leather cashews cedar and a long finish of spicy cinnamon.

This cigar rates highly for flavour but doesn’t rate at all for construction. I am really disappointed with how bad the burn was and the constant plugging up made it extremely difficult to smoke.

The flavour was so good I have to recommend, maybe just double check the sticks you take home.

50 Minutes

$30.50  AUD

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