Hamlet Tabaquero Robusto

Gotta love a good robusto.

This cigar starts out with a bang! Flavours are really bold right from the beginning.

The first flavours that show are of sour plum cider. You’ll also get a floral aroma which compliments the fruit nicely.

I’m on the balcony as always but it’s very windy tonight, even so, the burn line stays straight producing decent smoke output.

Flavours stay pretty constant till I reached the bottom band, which didn’t want to budge. I attempted to smoke through but it started to cone; nothing a blast with the jet lighter couldn’t fix.

The strength peaked at full around the halfway mark followed with a sweet taste of almond butter.

At this point I’m huddled in the corner of my balcony avoiding the wind; this is a clear indication that this cigar is worth it. Recommended.

55 Minutes.

$34 AUD

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