Drew Estate Liga Privada T52 Flying Pig

Construction is perfect, which seems consistent of all the pigs from Drew Estate.



Earthy smell from fresh with a slight hint of spice.

I really like this earthy taste. A taste of herbs with a sweetness at the end, burn is as even as can be.

Ten minutes and only a centimeter gone, a slightly more spicy flavour now that I hope doesn’t intensify too much.

I found this cigar wanted to be smoked, it didn’t like too much time between draws to stay going. Draw started perfect but became a little light from the second third.

From there on this cigar continued to be incredibly smooth, wood and leather was prominent now with a long finish consisting of pepper.

For the last third the Pepper subsided considerably which was to my delight. From start to finish this cigar continued to be as smooth as can be.

Just over an hour the draw became too light for my liking, for the last third I had to squeeze it together to get the desired draw.

Overall very impressive & highly Recommended! A definite must smoke if you have not tried already.

70 Minutes

$34 AUD





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