Warped Serie Gran Reserva 1988

Okay, let’s see what a rating of #3 (2019) from Cigar Aficionado gets you!


Quality looks good with a smooth wrapper and firm even pack, but what does 976212 mean? All right, then. Keep your secrets.

As soon as the flame reaches this cigar it lights rapidly and produces great amounts of thick smoke.

Flavours from the start are mild and of white pepper and pecans.

35 minutes in and I’ve found that this cigar needs to be smoked. Even though it burns nice and even, without attention it goes out quickly. Unfortunately I’ve found this out twice so far.

From the second third flavours become more complex bouncing between charred capsicum, earth, white pepper and pecan. Strength is also rapidly on the rise with each draw.

The last third is quite interesting with chargrilled capsicum becoming the star. Earth, leather, sweet cedar and almonds also show themselves which is a weird combination, but somehow it just works?!

I now understand why this cigar is so popular: it’s unusual and unlike anything I have smoked before, with an unlikely mix of flavours that are guaranteed to please.

80 Minutes

$40 AUD

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