Macanudo Diplomat Maduro 60 x 115

What drew me to try this cigar is the unique shape, the Figurado. The appearance is also surprisingly similar to my bonsai fig tree 🙂


Once I discovered this cigar I found they were very difficult to come across in Australia. My local cigar store rarely stocks these so much so that I stopped looking for them, today was a lucky day!

Beautiful chocolate earth scent from fresh, firm with a slightly bumpy pack.

Cold draw was very light with hints of wood and earth. Once lit surprisingly the light draw produced massive plumes of smoke with a hit of white pepper.

From the second third this cigar was predictable but not one-dimensional. We start with the heat of pepper and hints of earth, progressively smoothing out to a long cedar finish.

Interesting shape, smooth flavours. Recommended.

60 Minutes

$34 AUD




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