Norteno Corona Extra 4 3/4 x 48

As I browse which cigar to buy next I have found it’s becoming increasingly difficult to avoid the Drew Estate brand. Firstly because there is such huge variety but most importantly they rarely disappoint.


Unlike the picture suggests you can find a good or even great cigar without having to break the bank. Well Maybe Zimbabwe currency is a bad example, wait I also live in Australia which has the highest tobacco tax in the world, whatever you get my point…

This Solid little guy reminds me of a train sleeper, mainly because of the almost box pressed presentation. The band appeals to me with its simple but striking appearance of wet paint against the dark Mexican San Andrés wrapper.

The cold draw has quite high resistance and once lit smoke is dry and wispy. The Toothy wrapper is so oily it sparks slightly with a decent draw but smoke is still minimal.

The first third was mild and muted showing slight hints of pepper and cream. From the halfway mark the flavours matured to an aged wood and earthiness progressing to medium strength and flavour.

The flavours for the final third were surprisingly unpredictable, the dark earth quickly transformed into an extremely fresh taste of fruit, similar to an unripe pear.

Enjoyable, unpredictable and of course recommended.

55 Minutes to the Nub.

$24 AUD


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