Liga Privada Unico Serie Feral Flying Pig


This cigar had a very different scent from the other pigs, wrapper was considerably
more oily.  I was looking forward to this one the most!


Largest of the flying pig range with a very firm pack this cigar is simply impeccable.

From the start I found this cigar unbelievably smooth. Woody taste with just a hint of spice.

A very bold flavour is present, but so very smooth, Now a hint of sweetness joins the spice.

At 15 minutes in I am finding it hard not to rush this smoke, such a great flavour that beckons you back for more.

Draw was a little light from the beginning but resistance increased from the second third. Cigar continued to be smooth throughout, spice came and went but was never overbearing. Flavour also contained a chocolate taste, I really like this one!

I Highly suggest this cigar to anyone who smokes, seriously a must Try.

I read a lot of reviews and many are not happy with price of $16 USD for this smoke.  The exchange today makes my purchase $32 USD and I would definitely buy again in a heartbeat.

100 minutes

$43 AUD








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