ADN Dominicano Robusto 50 x 152

This cigar is rock solid!


You really need a guillotine to cut this cap, it’s a seriously solid cigar! Once finally cut, dark chocolate and peanuts greet you for the cold draw.

A surprisingly light draw with a slight hint of sweetness from the start; ten minutes in we are straight to full flavour and an intense pepper bomb!

The second third is where the complexity becomes confusing; pepper calms and reveals hints of black tea, light earth and leather. The burn is rough and flaky but corrects itself enough to not be a nuisance.

Towards the end of the second third you are met with cinnamon, sweet leather and a long finish of white pepper; just when you think the roller coaster has finished you are pleasantly surprised with roasted peanuts and cedar!

Clearly this is not a boring cigar; quite confusing but constantly surprising with an intense full flavours, luckily strength stays at a medium!

Recommend even if it’s just to experience the ride!

90 Minutes.

$43.50 AUD




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