My Father The Judge Grand Robusto

I Love the embellishments on this Cigar, some may think it’s superfluous but on the contrary this is what first enticed me to try. Ok a 93 rating by Cigar aficionado also may have helped.


Scent from fresh was of milk chocolate and cedar. Once opened with the punch I found the resistance was very light with a hint of barnyard.

Fifteen minutes in charred almond and black pepper were on show, smoke output was quite impressive for such a light draw.

As we continue it was pepper, pepper and more pepper. This flavour was not overbearing but definitely in charge. I found slight hints of nuts, cedar and cocoa throughout but highly muted by the pepper Bomb.

Not bad if your a spice fan but not as complex as I would have liked.

70 Minutes

$44  AUD



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