Espinosa Connecticut Cuban Link

Connecticut shade wrappers are getting higher and higher on my list of favourite wrappers. It’s mild but tasty – a great combo.

The draw is incredibly light from the start, and quite hard to smoke. Luckily 10 minutes later the draw comes good which is a relief.

First we start with mild flavours of cedar and barnyard. These flavours don’t hang around for long and are replaced with vanilla and earth. This is an odd combination but fondly enough it still works.

The second third switches it up again with a burnt salted toffee flavour. This reminds me of my toffee making attempts as a kid – not perfect but still tasty.

The last third continues to surprise with a hint of white pepper, sweet cinnamon and charred leather.

Yet again an amazing cigar from Privada! I really like the ever-changing flavour profile plus the burn and smoke output could not be flawed. Recommended.

55 Minutes

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