Purple Sky Diablo Del Desierto

Naming a cigar the desert devil, ok then, you have my attention.

The fresh scent and cold draw are both of barnyard and hay. What’s most noticeable though is how extremely light the draw is!

The first third smokes pretty quick, and is difficult to note any particular flavours. The draw continues to be very light and maybe burns a little too hot.

The second third is best described as balsa wood; the tasting notes listed this flavour which is not familiar but spot on. A little black pepper is also shown on the finish.

I have to say the draw just sucks; the burn is hot and fast but then produces flavours of vanilla coke, so my complaints must be retracted. There are also a lots of wooded flavours and pepper but barnyard is definitely the constant throughout. The finish is now long and has a pleasant taste of cinnamon.

The draw resistance helps portray particular flavours, I hated the draw but enjoyed the flavours so it’s conflicting but overall enjoyable.

60 Minutes

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