MUWAT Review 4/5 Night Crawler 4.5 x 52

Now this is a good looking cigar, one of the darker wrappers in the series and definitely a size I prefer at 4.5 x 52.


Great smell of cocoa from fresh & this taste was also present for the cold draw.

I have probably mentioned this before but I much prefer using a punch. I find the draw considerably better and the flavour is more concentrated.

The Night crawler could not be more different from the last 3 in the MUWAT range that I have tried so far, the flavour just seemed to be more, lets say complex.

I picked up cocoa, leather & cedar with a sweet finish. There was a hint of pepper but not too much so incredibly smooth! Such a great cigar and definitely a must try!

80 Mins

$27 AUD








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