Zino Classic no. 6 Robusto 50 x 130


More often than not I select a cigar with a darker wrapper like a maduro. This time I made a point not to do this because as you know you cannot judge a book by its wrapper… wait


I’m going to be brutally honest I wasn’t overly excited about trying this cigar. From my limited past experience a light wrapper usually means it’s too mild for my liking. I have been surprised before no doubt but this is still in the back of my mind. Next thing was that the large cracks in the wrapper were dangerously deep, fingers crossed it does not crack through! (Photo on the good side)

OK now I have finished my assumptions I was begrudgingly pleased with a very smooth texture once lit. There were earthy flavours from the start with a hint of hay.

From the second third the earthy flavour took a back seat to spice, but a very light sweet spice that was quite enjoyable.

The flavour and strength were medium at the very most, which is good for a daytime or social smoke and the deep cracks were not a problem.

Every cigar has it’s place and this one would sit nicely with your morning coffee.

60 mins

$31 AUD




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