Aganorsa Leaf Amish Dark Split Pretzel

Today my girlfriend became my fiancée! There couldn’t be a better reason to celebrate!

There’s a great smell of cocoa and leather from fresh. This cigar has a solid construction with no change in resistance till you’re right at the foot.

The first few draws taste mainly of black pepper; resistance though is just perfect with little effort producing large clouds of smoke.

From the second third the pepper subsides with dark tobacco and floral tones taking centre stage. Cocoa, leather and cedar also make an appearance.

This cigar is diverse and changes every ten minutes or so. Flavours of bread, salt and pepper show, emphasis on salt. This cigar has a perfect burn producing smoke which is thick and rich with fine bone white ash.

The last third doesn’t disappoint leaving the salt and pepper behind and finishing with a shot of espresso!

This stick is highly recommended. If you can find one of these snap it up, quick!

60 Minutes.

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