Joya de Nicaragua Silver Corona

This smooth dark Ecuadorian Oscuro wrapper really is a feast for the eyes when presented in a box pressed format. I’m really excited to try this new cigar from Joya!

thumbnail (2)

Unmistakable scent of milk chocolate from fresh, and like most box pressed cigars I have tried the pack was undeniably firm.

The cold draw was on the tighter side and this made it a little hard to light and get going at first, surprisingly smoke output was simply outstanding.

Fifteen minutes in the flavours consisted of creamy red pepper soup with fresh hints of vegetation for the finish.

The draw from the half-way mark tightened and started to plug which is unfortunate. This continued to happen until the end and I find once a cigar plugs up the flavours change considerably and overheat from the additional effort to keep alight.

I love to hate poor construction but I did see potential with this full flavour medium strength cigar. Maybe even enough to give it another chance?

70 Minutes

$33 AUD

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