Casa Turrent 1942 Robusto

When it comes to choosing a cigar I always judge a book by its cover.


It’s hard to deny the beauty of the Casa Turrent 1942. The elegant prestige band really sets the tone and I like that the wrapper actually resembles the leaf that it is, you also can’t fault the well crafted triple cap, impressive.

The cap was sturdy and barely flexed when using a punch, good resistance for the cold draw with an inviting scent of cedar and unripe plums.

This version features two binders, one Mexican one Nicaraguan which paired nicely and added complexity to the flavours produced.

These flavours continuously transformed throughout the life of this cigar, starting with sweet and savoury graham cracker slowly moving to a slight cedar and very faint white pepper. Just past halfway this slowly became a sweet fruity citrus, just like I would imagine a marmalade hot cross bun would taste like, definitely different but delightful!

95 Minutes

$40 AUD

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