Could there be a better name for a cigar? Ok, ok I know what half of you are saying.


A very sweet scent of milk chocolate from fresh, with a nice BOTL band. The cigar I’ve never heard of with a name every cigar smoker knows.

After fifteen minutes I’m impressed with the complex varied flavours of roasted chestnuts, cedar, milk, dark chocolate and white pepper. All the while reeling from the sheer strength of this cigar. Definitely not one for the morning!

The second third starts to mellow a little while the flavours keep on coming: muted marmalade and fruit mince pies take centre stage with chestnuts and almonds remaining an underlying constant.

The last third goes out with a bang with strength returning to full, with nutty sweet and spicy flavours.

This cigar has a big name and it sure doesn’t disappoint. Find one for yourself today; you’ll be glad you did!

70 Minutes

$37 AUD

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