Dapper Desvalido

The band of this cigar was envisioned before this cigar ever existed; a so called cigar for the people.

Now this is a fine band: finely outlined in gold on black, classic. Now let’s hope this cigar is more than just a cock of the roost!

The Desvalido is a decent sized cigar but what’s more impressive is the ultra smooth wrapper. There’s not much of a scent from fresh, but if anything there’s maybe cedar.

The first third of this cigar tastes simply of nothing… smoke is vacant with no discernible flavour at all.

Thankfully the second third woke from its slumber and displayed a flurry of flavours: aged tobacco, leather, cedar, stewed fruits and burnt wheat.

The last third finishes off nicely with flavours of fruit, wheat and leather but also accompanied by cashews and maple syrup.

This is an impressively diverse cigar that lives up to the hype; very enjoyable.

80 Minutes

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