Menelik Petit Robusto

I liked the look of this cigar, and this was the sole reason why I bought it. Dark toothy wrapper box pressed to perfection with a pigtail! Yep, that’s me sold!

From the start the draw was very light, even to the point where I thought it might have sprung a leak but the ample clouds of smoke ended my concern. Flavours are of diluted leather cedar and pepper spice, ending with a little sourness. This cigar burns well with a nice sharp line and bone white ash.

Slowly the flavour starts to unfold and intensify, from the second third the original flavours are completely gone transforming into a soft dark chocolate brownie. The smoke is so thick it sticks to the roof of your mouth with strength progressing to about medium at this point.

If you start to smoke this cigar a little fast the pepper spice will increase for the finish, but if you take your time and keep it cool you are rewarded with the taste of sweet cinnamon tarts and a hint of cedar.

While your distracted by the diversity of cookie sweet flavours the strength is ever increasing ending on full right at the end. One of the best cigars I have smoked in a while, recommended!

60 Minutes

$33 AUD

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