My Father Le Bijou 1922 Grand Robusto (5 1/4″ x 52)

I’m a big fan of elaborate cigar bands and this example is epic. This cigar ticks all the boxes for regal presentation with great font for the dual bands, and a silk foot band! Oh yeah, it also rates quite highly with Cigar Aficionado so it’s got that going for it also!

Photo 4-8-19, 6 52 33 pm (1)

Construction is on point – nice and firm with no soft spots. I like the appeal of a veiny wrapper as long as it remains relatively smooth to the touch. I am surprised how easily this cigar lights; plenty of smoke right from the start.

While the fresh scent is of chocolate; once lit smooth cedar leather and earth are the stars here, with a hit of pepper on the finish.

The second third leaves the pepper finish nearly entirely behind; leather and wood continue but are now considerably sweeter remaining smooth at all times.

Overall this cigar is full flavoured and right on Medium for strength. Incredibly smooth silky smoke with a wood and leather theme continuing throughout. The burn also is absolutely flawless! The last third has a mild hint of cashews at the start but finished with incredibly strong black pepper. Well, I did smoke right to the nub.

This is an amazing cigar, very well done!

90 Minutes

$36 AUD

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