La Vieja Habana Connecticut Shade Chateau Corona

Drew Estate was my brand of choice when I started my cigar journey. I don’t smoke that many now, but I still know they rarely disappoint.

I’ve mentioned many times now that connecticut shade wrappers are becoming my favourite. And I’m sure I’ll mention it again.

I haven’t smoked a cigar in two months and I wanted something mild that wouldn’t disappoint. That’s why anything from Drew Estate is a good choice.

Fresh scent of barnyard transfers to flavour once lit. Wood, earth and walnuts show for the remainder of the first third.

The second third is mild but flavoursome. Best description would be reminiscent of buttery herb bread. These flavours continue right to the end.

Another winner by DE, nice and smooth backed with simple balanced flavours. Very enjoyable.

45 Minutes

$29 AUD

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