Espinosa Cigars Hialeah Gardens

I don’t know which looks more delicious?!

Also again, another barely boxed pressed cigar with just a slight edge to it. I decided to use a V-cutter to cut a crown on this cigar which I am becoming quite fond of.

First impressions found the old favourites: pepper, leather and sweet cedar. I didn’t have to wait long to find new flavours of slightly sweet milk tea – Asian-style of course, best compared to a Bubble Cup.

The second third had a fleeting floral taste which went as quick as it came. Flavours of dry cereal now come to light which complements the milk tea perfectly.

The flavour profile didn’t change much for the final third. Smoke remained cool and the subtle flavours are very enjoyable. All the while the strength is ramping up considerably. Flavour is medium at most but strength is FULL for the last third. I highly suggest a decent meal before enjoying this remarkable cigar!

65 Minutes

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