HVC Hotcake

And here we have another cigar with a ton of hype behind it. Personally I’d rather the underdog that surprises you out of nowhere, instead of having to live up to expectations.

I found it very interesting that this cigar has been designed to have a tight draw. Reinier Lorenzo from HVC describes it as best to portray the desired taste. More proof that cigars are not as simple as they seem and are truly a work of art.

Lighting up instantly brings me back to the start of my cigar experience, I was a maduro junky and the dark aged tobacco taste which consumed the first third was a nice reminder.

The second third showed a flurry of flavours including dark cedar, musty dried fruit, raw coffee and unsweetened cocoa. All of these flavours remained mild while the constant of rich tobacco and pepper stayed at the forefront.

The last third unfortunately became a little sour, and the tight draw tightened even more. I cut a little from the foot and gave it a good purge, thankfully this bought it back to its former glory.

I enjoyed the full flavour of this cigar but the draw just wasn’t to my liking. Overall strength reached medium at most, with decent construction that only needed a quick touch up at the halfway point. Overall enjoyable, but this cigar definitely didn’t live up to the hype.

70 Minutes

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