Deadwood Fat Bottom Betty – Robusto

I like cigars that are outside the ordinary, something different and interesting, so that’s why we are here with Fat Bottom Betty.

The first thing that catches your eye is the wrapper, thick and very dark which most interestingly wraps right around the foot. Now this is something I have not experienced before.

The next thing that really stands out is the band – simple day of the dead/old pirate style. Bands sell cigars, well to me anyway.

The pack is medium to firm throughout with scents of cloves from the cap – cocoa in the middle and decadent milk chocolate on the foot.

Lighting this cigar was a little tricky with the wrapper around the foot, but I was pleasantly surprised by the sweet infused tip. The first flavour is of dark rich tobacco – I have heard it described to be similar to pipe tobacco which I really enjoy. There is no bitterness or traditional flavours of leather or wood either; a very different experience.

Continuing on flavours of dark cherries, cocoa and milk chocolate are prevalent with the sweet cap tying it all together nicely. There is not much change from hereon, apart from the dark tobacco taste gets gradually stronger followed by actual strength ending on full for the last third. The sweetness distracts you from how strong this cigar is eventuating into but overall a very enjoyable smoke which is definitely outside of the norm.  Definitely a must try!

70 Minutes

$38 AUD

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