Fruit leather

This cigar smells exactly like fruit Roll-Ups!

I’m a sucker for a cool band, and if it tastes like it smells then that’s a win.

First impressions are that the draw is a little light; thankfully this doesn’t affect the amount of sweet smelling smoke this cigar generates.

The band pretty much sums it all up: fruit and leather. Fruit flavours are slightly muted and not overly sweet, followed by subtle leather. A combination which just works.

I can’t remember the last time I had a fruit Roll-Up but this is definitely a reminder of what they tasted like, the band art could not represent this more.

The flavours are pretty much consistent from start to end but the ash held long, just under an hour in fact which is very impressive!

Overall this was one smooth cigar. Leather flavour increased in the last third with a little white pepper on the finish. This one is worth a try!

70 Minutes

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